A dream come true.


CAS Software AG was founded in 1986 by Martin Hubschneider and Ludwig Neer. Martin Hubschneider still leads the company as CEO. Today, more than 450 people work on the CAS Campus in Karlsruhe, Germany – they are developing market-leading, app-based company solutions for SMEs.

With SmartWe we are living a new dream. Helping you to push beyond your limits. Intensifying relationships. Fulfilling individual and general goals. And all the while making sure that, you, our customers and partners stay firmly at the heart of everything we do.

A fascinating start.

The new WE World.

In the new WE World the individual is everything and the WE is so much more. The people in the WE World work as a team. They know what they are doing. They know what their colleagues are doing. And they know that together they can achieve so much more. SmartWe is the first software platform which supports this new way of thinking and acting. It connects people and companies in a way that has never been seen before – resulting in the best possible conditions for healthy growth and success.

Freedom is yours.

Anytime and anywhere.

Being dependent slows you down. Freedom lets you fly. This is also true when deciding on an IT architecture. Whether a cloud solution or hosting via an in-house computer center – SmartWe keeps your data where it belongs: solely under your control instead of in the sphere of influence of foreign concerns and governments.

Ready for Customer Centricity.

Customer centric by design.

Customer Centricity as a company mission statement is realized by continously creating great customer experiences. This includes an inspiring vision, a customer-centric attitude and human behavior as the foundation of your business. To ensure that you have the necessary flexibility and emergence base for an unknown future, you need company software that provides best support for Customer Centricity. SmartWe supports customer-centric thinking and companies

Welcome to the SmartWe.World.

Your individual solution.

Solutions are fixed applications, right? Not anymore. Because now SmartWe is here. A solution which is exactly what you want it to be. Backed up by a great ecosystem of trustworthy partner companies who develop apps for every industry, every company and every company role. In future you will find them in the SmartWe.World – welcome aboard!

Technology with a bright future.

Innovative and secure.

SmartWe is based on CAS SmartDesign®, the award-winning, top modern software architecture and Java, the global standard in programming languages. This promises you a high level of security and consistent user experience regardless of whether you are working in your browser or on a mobile device – and best of all no expensive third-party licenses.

Many of our software engineers studied at the internationally renowned Karlsruher Institute of Technology or at the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI) in Karlsruhe. We are in close contact with the leading scientists in this field and supervise 30 to 50 bachelor thesis undergraduates and master’s post graduate candidates. An inexhaustible potential for a successful future.

Made & Hosted in Germany.

Tested data security – our promise to you.

Maximum data security is a must with sensitive data. Access to your data is always protected using the best possible security standards, for example: using strict domestic hosting standards, SmartWe-2-phase-protection and SmartWe notifications. Any misuse is flagged and stopped immediately. We guarantee your peace of mind with our: “Software made & Hosted in Germany” security seal.

Castle Morstein literally and symbollically embodies our approach to data security, the newly created SmartWe Academy is housed in this historic, impregnable fortress. You are welcome to join us there for a SmartWe seminar.

Relationships you can trust.

A partnership of equals.

Trust is the most important currency in a connected world. And with SmartWe we are setting new standards for trust-based cooperation and reliable data security.