Contact management.

Quick and easy.

Use intelligent wizards to digitalize your contacts quickly and easily. SmartWe can capture your contact information completely independently of the data source, regardless of whether from e-mail, documents, business cards, or web pages. And then save the correct information to the right place. So it’s ready for you to access at a moment’s notice.

The radial menu keeps your customer at the center of your focus, with all related and important information around them, and lets you access them in the quick view.

Team calendar.

More time for customers, colleagues and family.

Using the fascinatingly simple appointment management from SmartWe you can impress your customers and colleagues as well as your family and friends. You won’t forget anything. Avoid becoming overloaded and balance your time. With SmartWe managing your most valuable resource – your time – has never been easier.

Fan principle.

Transforming customers into fans.

As a pioneer for the Customer Centricity philosophy, SmartWe also integrates the fan principle. Customer-centric companies can now measure emotional connectedness and thus the current status of their customer relationships using template questionnaires, this information can then be displayed transparently and used to respond to customers individually. Using the fan principle your customers will become fans and feel emotionally connected to you.

CAS SmartDesign®.

A solution for the highest demands.

SmartWe has been given a familiar look and feel across platforms thanks to its globally unique CAS SmartDesign® technology. Whether you work on a tablet PC, smartphone or in a Web browser – your working environment and software is the same across all devices. Simple. Intuitive. Smart.

Mobile working.

Freedom for you and your customer relationships.

Enjoy a completely new quality of customer relationships – SmartWe gives you more freedom and independence. Your personal relationship manager can accompany you on your smartphone or tablet PC – anywhere and anytime. And not just when you’re online, with SmartWe working offline is also easy and fluent.

Leads and opportunities.

Using opportunities and achieving success.

Manage your sales based on meaningful forecasts. Recognize sales potential at a glance. SmartWe provides you with the technical assistance needed for your success. Transparent, effective and unbelievably simple.

The new Picasso search

Finding instead of searching.

Picasso’s words “I do not search, I find“ are indicative for our search which provides you even faster with all information you need. Based on your individual actions, the AI-based Picasso search presents documents, appointments and contacts in a clearly structured overview.

Personalized documents and e-mails.

Your customer is not just anyone.

Address your customers personally by inserting salutations and addresses automatically. This enables you to create perfectly formatted form letters and mailings in record time. All documents are stored centrally which makes access even easier.

Customer history.

Intelligent links to your customers.

We have reinvented a classic: You can scroll with ease through all your documents, e-mails, phone calls and appointments in the customer dossier. SmartWe ensures that all relevant information is linked with the respective customer. This means that nothing is ever lost and every detail is available quickly.


Your customers at a glance.

Using the map view, you can see at a glance exactly where your customers and prospects are located. Then you can access their key information such as opportunities, jobs or phone calls and contact them directly from the contact view. The proximity search allows you to display partners or branches which are located in direct proximity to a contact.

New apps on an hourly basis.

Your SmartWe app.

When your requirements change, SmartWe changes with you. It will only take you 60 minutes to create SmartWe apps according to your requirements, for example, to record trade fair visitor data and ensure follow up activities. Or perhaps you would prefer to let our experts write new apps for you? Your newly created functionalities will be available even after a new software update.

SmartWe Project.

The easiest way to plan projects.

SmartWe Project helps you to save your most precious resource: Time! You can visualize projects with phases, work packages and milestones. And the resource planning app helps you to keep a close eye on available capacities, which will help you to spot bottlenecks early and manage them with ease. Your employees record their working times directly in the project app, thus creating the foundation for targeted-customer reports and current target performance analyses. SmartWe Project looks after the project management so that you can look after the project.

Smart wizards.

Unique support for you.

Why should you have to think of everything yourself? Why find out everything for yourself? Why wait unnecessarily? Simply let the SmartWe wizards help you. The Address Wizard quickly takes care of addresses. The Mailing Wizard makes mail merges child’s play. The Relationship Wizard draws your attention to opportunities and risks. And the intelligent SmartSearch Wizard doesn’t just think for you, it thinks ahead.

Security and data protection.

Our most important concern.

Data protection and security is one of our most important concerns. You can rely on the highest levels of data protection security – “Hosted in Germany”. No backdoors, optimal encryption and a sophisticated rights system all help to make SmartWe a secure fortress.