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Your SmartWe contract

What does: “Start now for free” - mean?

You can test all SmartWe functions free of charge, at no obligation, for 30 days. You can go live at any time during the 30 day test-phase period. And if for some reason you choose not to register after the free test phase has expired, then your SmartWe access will be automatically revoked without you having to cancel, it is that easy. We will ensure that any data you entered is kept secure for at least 180 days after your access was deactivated.

Can I work with real data during the free start phase?

We actually recommend that you use real data during the 30-day start phase, at no obligation and free of charge. From the very first minutes of using SmartWe, you will experience how the focus is shifted to your customers and how you will achieve completely new customer experiences. Benefit from our instructions and import your contacts into SmartWe.

What is it going to cost me?

From the outset, all costs associated with using SmartWe are transparent. You only pay for the users who are registered or active for the respective month. Should the number of active user be reduced, then this will be reflected in the next month’s costs.

How do I cancel?

There is no minimum contract period when using SmartWe, you can cancel your contract on a monthly basis. Please note that to cancel, you have to submit your notice of cancellation to SmartWe World SE, in writing, ten working days before the end of the month.

Your SmartWe solution

Which operating system do I need to run SmartWe?

SmartWe runs in your Internet browser and is based on the HTML 5 standard. What’s important here is the Web browser you are using and not the type of operating system. SmartWe runs on almost all of the current Internet browsers, you will find an overview of recommended Internet browsers here.
For a few functions SmartWe will require locally installed programs. These can be installed on the majority of operating systems. You will find an overview of these functions and recommended operating systems here.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to use SmartWe?

To benefit the most from SmartWe functionality we recommend that you use at least a DSL connection. If you also want to access SmartWe while mobile, then we recommend that you use a UMTS or LTE connection.

What is the availability of SmartWe?

We guarantee an annual availability of more than 99 percent.
This does not include times during which the server cannot be accessed due to software updates, maintenance or circumstances beyond the control of SmartWe (for example due to force majeure or a third party).

Is support available locally?

In addition to the usual support options (telephone, Web and e-mail), SmartWe also offers you webinars, e-learning videos and personal contacts locally.

Your SmartWe data security

Just how secure is my data?

Your SmartWe data is secure. It is hosted in an autonomous data center in Germany. And is subject to the German Data Protection Act. Your data is stored according to the DIN ISO 27001 standard in a certified, German, high-security data center, in which all elementary components have been designed to be redundant. We use SSL/TLS encryption to ensure secure communications between you and the data center. The data center is protected by its own fire, flood and burglary protection systems which also include video monitoring with infrared cameras. Inside the data center itself a constant temperature of approximately 23 degrees centigrade is maintained. In the event of a sudden power cut, diesel generators ensure an uninterrupted power supply. And connection to the Internet is established via multiple glass fibre cables. The integration to multiple level 1 carriers guarantees almost 100 percent availability.

Is my data transmitted via a secure connection?

Secure communications between you and the data center is guaranteed by using SSL/TLS encryption. And by integrating multiple tier 1 carriers we can guarantee almost 100 percent availability.

Which data protection regulations apply to my data?

SmartWe is subject to the EU GDPR.

Your SmartWe order-processing contracts

Who requires an order-processing contract?

According to the new EU GDPR, every company has to close an order-processing contract with any service provider they use to processes personal data.

The following order-processing contracts are available for you to use, these also include Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMS): Contract on Order Processing

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